REVIEW: Now That I’m Here by Amanda Sage

Now nowthatimhere_coverThat I’m Here by Amanda Sage, Karem Laguna (Illustrator)
Juvenile fiction
September 18, 2016
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Entertainment level: A+
Chronic illness/disability representation: A+

From the author’s website:

Now That I’m Here was written as a tribute to a very special little girl, Kate Drury, who passed away on November 30, 2015 at age eight. She died of a very rare form of mitochondrial disease called sideroblastic anemia, immune deficiency, fever and developmental delay (SIFD). Continue reading “REVIEW: Now That I’m Here by Amanda Sage”

REVIEW: What the Dog Said by Randi Reisfeld

12000129What the Dog Said by Randi Reisfeld
Juvenile fiction
February 28, 2012
Bloomsbury Books for Young Readers
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Entertainment level: A+
Service dog representation: A-

Ever since her police officer father was killed a few months ago, Grace Abernathy hasn’t wanted to do much of anything. She’s pulled away from her friends, her grades are plummeting . . . it’s a problem. The last thing Grace wants is to be dragged into her older sister Regan’s plan to train a shelter dog as a service dog. But Grace has no idea how involved she’ll get-especially when a mangy mutt named Rex starts talking to her. Has Grace gone off the deep end? Or might this dog be something really special-an angel? A spirit? Either way, he is exactly the therapy that Grace needs. Continue reading “REVIEW: What the Dog Said by Randi Reisfeld”

REVIEW: Honey (The Puppy Place #14) by Ellen Miles

This children’s 75pg chapter book places foster families front and center in a puppy’s journey to become a service dog. I fully endorse this book for its excellent service dog representation! A+

Honey (The Puppy Place #14) by 0-545-08349-4Ellen Miles
Juvenile fiction
December 1, 2009
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Entertainment level: A+
Service dog representation: A+

Puppy love in Puppy Place! An irresistible Valentine’s Day story starring Honey, a sweet yellow Lab.

In this special Valentine’s Day story, Charles and his best friend Sammy meet Honey, a sweet, intelligent yellow Lab who’s family is moving away–without Honey! When Charles brings this puppy home, guess who falls in love? Charles’s mom–the cat lover of the family! Will the Petersons end up keeping Honey? Or will Honey become a service dog and best pal for Noah, a talented artist who uses a wheelchair? One thing is for certain: puppy love is in the air! Continue reading “REVIEW: Honey (The Puppy Place #14) by Ellen Miles”

REVIEW: Elvis & the Underdogs by Jenny Lee & Kelly Light

BOOK REVIEW: Mai weighs in on Elvis the Seizure Response Service Dog in the children’s chapter book Elvis & the Underdogs by Jenny Lee

16065656Elvis and the Underdogs (Elvis and the Underdogs #1) by Jenny Lee, Kelly Light (Illustrations)
Juvenile fiction
May 14, 2013
Balzer + Bray
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Entertainment level: A+
Service dog representation: B-

In the tradition of funny and heartwarming bestsellers like Wonder and the Diary of a Wimpy Kid books, this is the story of a sickly boy whose life is turned upside down when he gets a therapy dog…who can talk!

Benji Wendell Barnsworth is a small ten-year-old boy with a big personality. Born premature, Benji is sickly, accident prone, and at the hospital so often he even has his own punch card. That is, until the day Benji wakes up from a particularly bad spell. Concerned for Benji’s health, the doctor offers him two options: wear the world’s ugliest padded helmet or get a therapy dog. Benji chooses the dog, of course.

But when a massive crate arrives at Benji’s house, out walks a two-hundred-pound Newfoundland. And that isn’t even the strangest thing about the dog. He announces that his name is Parker Elvis Pembroke IV. That’s right, this dog can talk! And boy, is he bossy.

Having a bossy dog can come in handy, though. Elvis brings out the dog lover in the most surprising people and shows Benji that making new friends may not be as scary as he once thought. Continue reading “REVIEW: Elvis & the Underdogs by Jenny Lee & Kelly Light”