Daytime Ottawa Interview

So honoured to have been invited to Daytime Ottawa with Angele Charlebois and Andy Etherington to chat with Julie Findlay and Julie Beun about the Ottawa Lions Purina Walk for Dog Guides on Sept 25th. Thanks for having us!




Ottawa Purina Walk for Dog Guides

I was asked to create a promo video for this year’s Ottawa Purina Walk for Dog Guides for CTV news.  Thanks to Autism Assistance Dog Guide Kleo, Hearing Ear Dog Guide Candy, Seizure Response Dog Guide Shadow, Canine Vision Dog Guide Kane and Diabetic Alert Dog Guide Kelo for sharing their pictures with me.

The video aired on Fri Sept 23, 2016 on CTV Ottawa Morning Live – Top 3 Events and was introduced by Melissa Lamb.




When: Sunday, September 25, 2016 at 1pm
Where: Stanley Park at 193 Stanley Avenue

Donate online to the Ottawa walk: 


Blondie Brings to Mind “Retirement”

Before I graduated from the Service Dog Guide Program at the Lions Foundation of Canada Dog Guides, I was briefed on the dreaded “r” word — retirement.  I was 18-months-old at the time and retirement seemed like a long ways off.  They told me, though, that eventually my joints might ache, my vision may dim and despite my best efforts, I may not be able to work anymore.  I couldn’t imagine a time would come when I wouldn’t want to put on my red working harness.  Helping out my handler wasn’t just something I was trained to do; it’s my calling. Continue reading “Blondie Brings to Mind “Retirement””

Vine the Gentle Giant

Vine is one of my training partners from the dog guide school.  He’s the youngest out of all of my classmates, but he’s also the largest, too.  So it’s fitting that his nickname is Vine the Gentle Giant.  You’d expect such a big guy to be full of high spirits, but his walking speed is best described as ambling. Continue reading “Vine the Gentle Giant”

A Dog With a Job

One question that I’m always asked is, “Did you always know you’d become a service dog?”  Honestly?  I don’t think any dog is ever certain that they’ll make it to graduation.  Service dog training — while fun and exciting — is grueling.  You’re constantly learning and having to adapt to new situations.  You’re expected to ignore distractions, avoid food on the ground, and resist chasing other dogs or animals. Continue reading “A Dog With a Job”