INTERVIEW: Shadow the Seizure Response Dog Guide

Service Dog Guide Mai speaks with fellow LFC grad Shadow, a six-year-old Golden Retriever Seizure Response Dog Guide. He shares his story of how he overcame the trauma of a dog attack and avoided early retirement.

All too often, the evening news reports the tragedy of a human being attacked by a dog. But what happens when a dog attacks a service dog?  What are the longterm consequences of such an incident?  Today I’m interviewing fellow LFC grad Shadow who is a six-year-old Golden Retriever Seizure Response Dog Guide. Continue reading “INTERVIEW: Shadow the Seizure Response Dog Guide”

INTERVIEW: Patrick from Growing Up Guide Pup

Service Dog Guide Mai interviews Patrick (13-month-old German Shepherd guide dog puppy in training) from the popular Youtube show Growing Up Guide Pup

Welcome Patrick!MAI: I’ve been a huge fan of the YouTube show Growing Up Guide Pup since being partnered with my handler in 2014.  Even though my foster family gave my handler a photo album of my puppyhood, she was curious about my life as a puppy-in-training and loved seeing the adventures of Ricki, Pilaf and now Patrick on Growing Up Guide Pup. Today, I’m so pleased to welcome their newest puppy Patrick who’s a German Shepherd from Guide Dogs of the Desert!   Continue reading “INTERVIEW: Patrick from Growing Up Guide Pup”